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Where it all started...

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Passionate motorcycle friends – several types : Yamaha, Moto Guzzi, Norton, Harley Davidson, Triumph, BMW with 1 thing in common: all built in 1970s. The motorcycle friends want to share their passion and organise a first two days' event for motorcycles from 1970s in the former youth house Beukenhof at Eeklo. Successfully!

70’ the Cycle run are as of now a fact.

The youth house has been shut down and the motorcycle friends – with an increasing number of drivers – move by force of circumstance to the Sparrenhof. The meeting is getting bigger and bigger. Everyone knows everyone and the weekends become well-known.

Organisation members come and go, but the hard core continues to exist and organises diligently.

In 1999, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of 70’s Cycle run, a first track day is arranged. Not far away from the French border in Croix-en-Ternois, 1970's motorcycle lovers can try their machines on a racing circuit. This day knows that much interest that from then on, it also becomes an annual event.

Passionate motorcycle friends, 70’s bikes, a meeting  – in the meantime at Watervliet -  and racetrack-event. What does one desire more?!


Mario, Nathalie, Marnix, Patricia, franc, Marleen, peter and Hilde



The pictures of our meeting are finally online. Click here to browse them


A 70's cyclerun movie of the track event 2007 in Croix-en-Ternois. Made by Alex. Watch it here


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