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1. Garments

  • Obligatory: boots (or high-lows), leather gloves, a proper helmet, motor suit (leather suit or leather jacket + leather trousers or motorcycle suit made of durable textile)
  • Prohibited: jeans jacket and / or trousers, basket shoes or trainers, scarfs, protective glasses / goggles

2. Motorcycle audit

  • Your motorcycle must be in a good technical condition.The audit is done according to our schedule
  • If during the audit, deficiencies are identified, you will not get admission to the circuit. You can immediately try to fix the defects, and come along with the motorcycle for another review.
    • No oil spills, no loose accessories, good brakes and tyres
    • Noise level should be in accordance with the regulatory requirements
    • If possible (not required) dismantling of components of which you know they can drag along the ground, removing mirrors, sidebags or other bags (to avoid loss or unpleasant consequences)

3. Identification of the motorcycle

On the front of the motorcycle we will put a characteristic sticker, for the recognition of the group in which you are driving. This happens in the morning at the control of your motorcycle. This sticker is also the proof that your motorcycle is allowed to enter the circuit.

4. Attitudes and behaviour of the driver / pilot

  • You ride at your own risk.
  • You are required to follow all instructions from the organisation .
  • You are not allowed to endanger the other drivers. The front drivers will supervise this!
  • No vehicle of the organisation (ambulance, repairs) may be passed.
  • Never attempt unexpected manoeuvres
  • It is forbidden to stop or reverse on the circuit
  • Keep the information in mind that is given by the flags
  • Remember: it's not a game!

5. Flag signals

Yellow, not waving Obstacle (motorcycle) is located next to the road
Yellow, waving Obstacle (motorcycle) is on the track
Yellow / Red, waving Oil on the track
Red, not waving Immediate stop of the session

White, not waving

Ambulance on the circuit = stop of the session
White / Black squares End of the session

6. Cancellation

Weather conditions can not invoke as a reason for cancellation of your subscription

7. Lunch

During the afternoon break from 12.30 am to 13.30 pm there is full engine silence!

For further information, please contact us

The pictures of our meeting are finally online. Click here to browse them


A 70's cyclerun movie of the track event 2007 in Croix-en-Ternois. Made by Alex. Watch it here


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